iON is the chosen leader in McAfee Solidcore integration.

McAfee’s Solidcore is a leading provider of dynamic whitelisting technology that helps enterprises control which applications are installed on a computer, resulting in improved IT compliance, security, and availability. Solidcore’s single solution for endpoint security—which provides options for file integrity monitoring, whitelisting, and runtime control—is a growing favorite among IT and security professionals who want protection beyond the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Solidcore has been deployed to protect more than 200,000 endpoints in more than 40 countries at more than 100 financial institutions and across more than 15,000 retail stores.

Solidcore security solutions utilize dynamic whitelisting technology, host intrusion prevention and configuration assessment capabilities to provide comprehensive malware protection with zero performance overhead. Solidcore has been granted a foundational patent for its endpoint security technology, and has been awarded “NSS Labs Approved” by NSS Labs, the globally recognized leader in independent security testing and certification. Solidcore security solutions are currently replacing anti-virus on more than 100,000 devices worldwide.

Retail Point of Sale
  Solidcore provides a single solution for securing and replacing anti-virus on retail point of sale (POS) systems. The solution combines dynamic whitelisting and host intrusion prevention to ensure only good software and code runs on a POS system while permitting software updates from authorized sources.
  Solidcore provides a single solution for securing kiosks and automated teller machines (ATMs). The solution utilizes whitelisting, file integrity monitoring and configuration assessment capabilities to provide robust security and operational control for remotely deployed systems.
Windows NT
  The Solidcore Windows NT security solution provides enterprises with a way to extend the lifespan of applications built on the legacy operating system without incurring business risk. The Solidcore solution locks down Windows NT systems against unwanted change and “solidifies” it into an appliance-like system that is impervious to malicious exploits and unwanted internal change.
Server Configuration Audit
  Solidcore provides security configuration assessment and audit capabilities that allow for regular comparisons against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. The solution enables customers to quickly identify incorrectly configured server and application settings.
Medical Devices
  Solidcore provides a single solution for securing medical devices. The solution offers a unique combination of low touch application control and whitelisting security to reduce the number of in-field breakage incidents due to unauthorized changes or malware.
Thin Clients
  The Solidcore security solution for thin client computers utilizes Solidcore’s patented whitelisting technology to keep thin client computers secure and in a known good state. The Solution eliminates emergency patching, reduces the frequency of patching cycles, and gives administrators more testing time before patching.

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