» Tripwire | nCircle


Tripwire’s IT security software reduces risk, ensures systems and data security, and automates regulatory compliance. Tripwire offerings solve the security configuration management, continuous monitoring, and incident detection problems facing organizations of all sizes, as stand-alone solutions or in concert with other IT security controls.

» Bit9


Bit9 is the leader in a new generation of endpoint security and server security based on real-time visibility and protection. Bit9 is the only solution that continuously monitors and records all activity on endpoints and servers and stops cyber threats that evade traditional defenses.

Bit9’s real-time sensor and recorder and cloud-based services provide actionable intelligence within days of implementation, and Bit9’s real-time enforcement engine delivers the most reliable form of endpoint and server security. This combination gives organizations immediate visibility to everything running on their endpoints and servers; real-time signature-less detection of and protection against advanced threats; and a recorded history of all endpoint and server activity to rapidly respond to alerts and incidents.

» Check Point

CheckPoint License Renewals Save Special Support

Check Point, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization.

» Cyber-Ark


Cyber-Ark Software is a global information security company that specializes in protecting and managing privileged users, applications and highly-sensitive information to improve compliance, productivity and protect organizations against insider threats. With its award-winning Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Highly-Sensitive Information Management software, organizations can more effectively manage and govern access while demonstrating returns on security investments.

» F5


F5 Networks is the global leader in application traffic management, ensuring the secure and optimized delivery of applications for businesses worldwide. F5 provides strategic points of control throughout the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to scale, adapt, and align with changing business demands and drive business forward on a solid foundation of IT agility. F5 is the only vendor that provides an open architectural framework, offering IT organizations new ways to deliver services that generate true business value.

» FireEye & Mandiant


FireEye, Inc. is the leader in stopping advanced targeted attacks that use advanced malware, zero-day exploits, and APT tactics. FireEye solutions supplement traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, antivirus and gateways, which cannot stop advanced threats, leaving security holes in networks. FireEye offers the industry's only solution that detects and blocks attacks across Web and email threat vectors as well as malware resident on file shares. It addresses all stages of an attack lifecycle with a signature-less engine utilizing stateful attack analysis to detect zero-day threats.

» FireMon


FireMon Security Manager is software that helps you manage your firewalls.

FireMon is the data that you need to run your firewalls effectively is summarized and delivered to you in graphical reports. It’s the information you’ve always needed to make better decisions about your security infrastructure. And now, it’s at your fingertips.

» ForeScout


ForeScout Technologies is a leading provider of automated security control solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises and government organizations. With ForeScout, organizations can accelerate productivity and connectivity by enabling people to access corporate network resources where, how and when needed without compromising security.

» Infoblox


Infoblox was founded in 1999 and has shipped more than 40,000 appliances to more than 4,000 customers worldwide including more than one third of the Fortune 500. Many of the world’s largest businesses rely on Infoblox integrated hardened appliance based software for business continuity, availability and compliance. With Infoblox, iON provide integrated DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management (IPAM) and Network Change & Configuration Management (NCCM) products.

» McAfee


McAfee, Inc., is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee delivers proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world, allowing users to safely connect to the Internet, browse, and shop the Web more securely. Backed by unrivaled Global Threat Intelligence, McAfee creates innovative products that empower home users, businesses, the public sector and service providers by enabling them to prove compliance with regulations, protect data, prevent disruptions, identify vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor and improve their security. McAfee secures your digital world.

» Plexxi


Plexxi designs, manufactures and sells advanced data center networking infrastructure products and services. Our innovative “Affinity Networking” capabilities allow organizations to manage and operate their networks based on their actual application workload traffic needs, maximizing network utility and offering unprecedented levels of scale, performance and economics.

» Proofpoint


Proofpoint, Inc. helps the most successful companies in the world protect and govern their most sensitive business data.

Proofpoint is an innovative security-as-a-service vendor that delivers data protection solutionsthat help organizations protect their data from attack and enable them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance and data governance mandates that have been spawned from highly publicized data breaches.

» Riverbed


Riverbed Technology is a designer and manufacturer of WAN optimization and network traffic measurement products. It is the IT performance company for networks, applications, and storage. Riverbed provides the only comprehensive WAN optimization solutions to a host of problems that prevent enterprises from sharing applications and data across wide-area networks anywhere in the world. 

» Varonis


Varonis increases productivity, sustainably reduces risk, and lowers cost in the enterprise. Their products automate time-consuming data management and protection tasks and extract valuable insights from your human-generated data.

» SafeNet


SafeNet is a global leader in information security, protecting data at rest, data in motion, data in use, software and license management with the broadest range of security solutions in the world. The Company protects critical business data, communications, financial transactions, and digital identities through a full spectrum of encryption technologies.

» Splunk


Splunk was founded to pursue a disruptive new vision: make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. Machine data is one of the fastest growing and most pervasive segments of "big data"—generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and all the sensors and RFID assets that produce data every second of every day. By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity and call records—and more—Splunk turns machine data into valuable insights no matter what business you're in. It's what we call Operational Intelligence.