iON’s Web Security/Content Management solutions integrates seamlessly with all network infrastructure products to offer unlimited reporting, awareness, flexibility and control.

This service offers a vendor-neutral ‘SERVICE FIRST’ approach to maximize your existing security investments while delivering around-the-clock monitoring, management and analysis. We help companies of all sizes stay ahead of the threat while reducing risk and improving regulatory compliance.

Improve security, increase productivity, eliminate legal liability, and streamline expensive IT & HR resources with a turn key solution.

  • Minimize the effort required to set, enforce, and maintain internet use policies through easy-to-use a central management console.
  • Comprehensive and accurate web filtering.
  • iON works closely with customers to set custom policies to manage employee internet, network, and application use.
  • iON will customize report templates, block pages, and webpage category names in multiple languages.
  • iON will analyze network bandwidth by prioritizing and managing traffic in real-time.
  • iON’s integrated solutions allows administrative tasks across departments, groups, or locations to increase visibility within individual areas thus reducing the burden on IT, HR and executive management.

Supported Platforms:
iON offers a guaranteed support package for customers looking for superior technical assistance; and please ask for referrals or testimonials -- we prefer to let our clients do the talking when it comes to showcasing our responsiveness, expertise, and commitment to customer service.

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