Even the best security policies, methodologies and implementations can use an external point of view. iON's expert security engineering staff have extensive experience in providing services ranging from complete security posture reviews (including firewall ruleset, operating system, network configuration and more) to giving professional security opinions on new network service rollouts. Whatever the security project you have on the board, chances are that our experienced professionals have been involved with the same or similar projects already and can help you avoid any pitfalls that will require extensive redesign and implementation costs (which you may not have the time or budget for) in the future.

Service Overview:

  • Consultation to identify your issues, inefficiencies insecurities
  • Testing to verify and quantify the underlying issues.
  • Solution design (redesign) recommendations.
  • Implementation of alternative solutions or remedy existing technologies.
  • Validation to ensure the alternative or remedied solution is secure


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Network Analysis & Review Services