iON’s Firewall Policy Assessment examines customer’s firewalls for security, performance, and reliability and management. Our approach examines firewall configurations that identify security risks, highlights duplicated/disabled/unused/expired rules, objects and polices that will lead to better security while surely increasing firewall performance. Manual verification of each rule will ensure security and functionality.

  • Identification of vulnerabilities before they become a threat
  • Inspection of firewall rule bases and (rule order) for compliance
  • Determine revision and firewall patch levels are supported
  • Improve firewall performance of network devices
  • Compare firewall and general perimeter security considerations against corporate policy
  • Indentify and interview staff to responsible for firewall changes
  • Analysis of administrative and view only access privileges
  • Analysis of firewall logs for stealth attacks
  • Verify internal and external access control
  • Validation of firewall DRP plan

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