Every customer requires a very unique DLP solution. iON’s DLP selection services assists organizations define and understand how DLP integrates into each customer’s environment. iON’s team not only sell DLP technologies, we architect a DLP framework to manage the configuration tuning, and implementation your specific DLP solution . Every major vendor touts a DLP offering; iON’s approach is to deliver the best-of-breed approach with the lowest total cost of ownership.

iON’s DLP services will meet your security and budget requirements:

  • Identify DLP business requirements
  • DLP framework creation
  • Understand current network security policies and procedures
  • Identify sensitive data and establish DLP rules and policies
  • Shortlist DLP solutions that meet functional and technical requirements
  • PoC DLP solutions
  • Determine DLP technology
  • DLP integration, configuration, and tuning
  • Sensitive data discovery program design, management, and remediation
  • Generate useful DLP reports

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